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Keep Telling Ten More Friends
To Keep Telling Ten More Friends

Included commitments:
  • Ranked choice voting and campaign reform.
  • Ending unconstitutionally illegal judiciary case false “laws” and “orders” scam.
  • Everyone who is law-abiding must be included in our economy and workforce and have a living wage.
  • I support global free trade but it must be Fair Global Free Trade.
  • A quality education system for our children.
  • The purpose of both the public and private sectors is to serve the public, not to serve management
  • The purpose of business (the private sector) is not excessive profits but to serve as a tool to provide public services.
  • We must develop clean alternative sources of energy, especially renewable energy sources.
  • Supporting our troops and veterans economically and financially.
  • I would have voted against starting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the bank bailout.
  • Immigration laws should be enforced focusing on those who hire (and exploit) persons here illegally.
  • I am Pro Life. (Abortion should be allowed only in cases of rape, incest, or a significant health risk. That significant health risk should be limited to life-threatening risk until medicine can give us a better definition which may consider severe birth defects.)
  • We need universal health care, we must provide care to everyone from infants to seniors.
  • A fair tax system which should be progressive for higher incomes. This will slowly eliminate the deficit and payoff the debt.
  • I support gun control, allowing guns for self defense, hunting, and target practice. However, extremes such as 100 round clips aren't needed nor are fully automatic weapons.

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