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America is a beautiful country. It is so beautiful because it has great potential. From my traveling the country, I've seen the vast majority of our citizens are dedicated to the prosperity of our country and each other. They are hard-working and law-abiding. They don't spend their spare time thinking of ways to cheat each other. Instead they are happy to see others live a happy life. This is what gives our country its beauty and great potential. However, our citizens realize that everyone doesn't appreciate honesty. They know there are those who intentionally try to hurt others for no sensible reason. They realize those hurtful people are just mean.

Those mean people have taken control of the Republican leadership. They are a proven danger to America's physical and economic national security. This is proven by the 9-11 attack they allowed, their illegal spying on law-abiding citizens, their bankrupting our country again, their useless LIE war in Iraq, and their endless violations of our laws.

Most Americans don't think about ways to hurt others, so they don't anticipate the destructive schemes of the corrupt Republican leadership beforehand. When they see damaging behavior by these Republicans they want to believe it's for a good reason and try to give the Republicans the benefit of the doubt. The Republicans then exploit this doubt and use it to buy time to do greater and irreversible damage.

Average citizens have started realizing the Republicans are exploiting the benefit of the doubt they were given. That is why control of both houses of Congress was taken away from the Republicans in the 2006 Election. That is why the Republicans were kept out of the White House in the 2008 Election. When most citizens realize their is a problem they want to try to fix it or find someone who will. That makes our county even greater.

Like the vast majority of you, I am enthusiastic about America's potential. I am enthusiastic about fixing the problems caused by the Republican leadership and ending the damage caused by their lies. I am enthusiastic about restoring and then maintaining America's beauty.

We can and will make America the Beautiful, again.

Love Of Country is what's most important. Love of country is true patriotism. It's what the majority of us do and live 24 hours everyday.

The George W. Bush and the Republican leadership claimed to be patriotic. But actions speak louder than words. The words of this Republican leadership have always proven to be lies. Their actions have always been destructive to our country's physical and economic national security. Their actions are hatred of country.

Love Of Country is honoring the hopes and dreams and lives of each other. Love Of Country is honoring fairness.

Bush and the Republican leadership have unfairly dishonored our hopes, dreams, and lives.

For our Love Of Country we will patriotically defend its honor against all enemies foreign and domestic.

True Democracy must be based on Majority Rule. Majority Rule requires a candidate or choice to have a simple majority of more than half the total votes to win. A super majority requires more than a simple majority. Super majorities should not be allowed. Requiring a super majority allows a few people to cause gridlock by blocking the will of the majority when we have a majority but don't have an unnecessary super majority.

For a yes-no vote, Majority Rule means more than half the voters must vote yes for an issue to be approved.

Without Majority Rule for candidates the simple majority can be divided between two or more desirable candidates in a way that leaves an undesirable candidate with the most votes though not a majority either. Only one choice can get more than half the vote. Therefore, Majority Rule's requirement that a candidate have a simple majority allows voters to vote for their true choices without fearing the election will be stolen by an undesirable candidate.

For candidates, Majority Rule means voters should rank the candidates as first choice, second choice, third choice, etc. in the order the voter prefers them. If no candidate receives a simple majority of the first choice votes then the next choice level votes should be added to each candidate. Each level of choices should be added until a candidate reaches a number that is more than half the number of first choice votes validly cast. If more than one candidate reaches this simple majority number on the same choice level then the one of them with the highest number would be the winner. If there is a tie for the highest number reaching the simple majority number, then choice levels should be added to the counts of only the tied candidates until one candidate has the most votes.

“Winner take all” (which is really "phony winner take all") is wrong and should be discarded and prohibited. "Phony winner take all" doesn't encourage voters to vote for whichever candidate they want. Instead they are pressured to be afraid of dividing a vote and seeing an opponent with more votes but without a simple majority being named the "winner". If this top-vote-getting candidate doesn't have a simple majority, then this candidate is a false and phony winner. Ranking choices allows voters to freely chose whomever they want as their first choice knowing that no one will be declared the winner until a true and simple majority agrees on a winner.

True Democracy requires a true winner chosen by a true and simple majority.

I will fight for True Democracy based on Majority Rule.

We need universal health care for every citizen.

The lower and middle classes create enough wealth to provide health care to every citizen. (The upper class contributes, too, but most of America's wealth comes from the lower and middle classes.) The few who control the distribution of America's wealth give themselves great health care. They give the rest of us little or no health care. This unfairness must end.

America has worked for universal health care and must receive it

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