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Thank you for visiting my website.

I was born in Alorton, Illinois in the southwest part of the state. I grew up there and graduated from East St. Louis School District, the local school district there. I attended the University of Illinois and graduated with a B.S. in Accountancy.

My last job in the Alorton area was at the IRS in St. Louis,MO. I started with the IRS in 1999 during the Clinton Administration. I was proud to be in federal public service during the Clinton era. However, after the Bush mob stole the 2000 election and the White House, they destroyed public service. They made the federal government into a public disservice that only gives lip service to the public. Therefore, I had to look for an employer that was still interested in serving the public.

I wanted to stay in government and started looking at state governments for employment. The state of Washington looked like it cared about public service and treated employees well. I watched the Washington State website and any news about them for a few months and liked their treatment of the public and their employees. The federal government and economy was quickly ruined by Bush and the Republicans and was not improving. Therefore, I decided to resign from the federal government and move to Washington State and did move here in September 2004.

Now, I live in Auburn, WA. Since the Bush national mismanagement reached every state including Washington State, I had to look and wait for a job opportunity for 2 and a half years after moving here. I've always saved as much of my paychecks as I could. I have, also, always been able to live on a budget (even a very tight one when necessary). I lived off my savings and within a tight budget for those 2 and a half years.

In March 2007 I got a part-time job at a discount store called Dollar Tree in Washington State. At last an opportunity. Then in May 2007 I started working for the Washington State Department of Licensing. That state employment ended in 2008.

After voters kept the Republicans out of the White House and from controlling either House of Congress in the 2008 Election, I was able to start finding temporary jobs in March 2009. I had a few more temporary jobs the rest of 2009 and in early 2010.

In March 2010 I returned to federal employment under the Obama Administration. I became an accounting technician at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). I no longer work there.

I was proud to be in public service.

However, you and I know we can't get a good job and think we're safe forever. The Republicans (and Bush mob) have destroyed our country's economy and are trying to destroy any and everything that benefits the average citizen. They must be stopped and can only be stopped by government authorities.

That means concerned citizens like you and me must run for public offices and reverse the Republican-Bush mess ourselves.

I know we can restore our country's greatness. We must get in elected offices and defend our country from Republican mismanagement and misleadership.
Elected Experience: Seeking first elected job

Other Professional Experience: Proud federal employee, NOAA

Education: Bachelor Science, Accountancy, University of Illinois

Community Service: I continue speaking out for fairness. Fairness includes: ranked choice voting; government and businesses serving the people (not the reverse); quality schools; fair free global trade; not ending analog tv prematurely; clean alternative energy sources; supporting our troops and veterans economically and financially; not starting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or bank bailout; immigration law enforcement focused on abusive employers; progressive tax system for higher incomes; universal healthcare; ProLife (exceptions: rape, incest, significant health risk); UN-focused world unity; ending tyrant judges unconstitutionally bench legislating

Statement: Liars are destroying our Democracy and cheating to steal America. They've abused wealth to seize more wealth and power and obstruct opposition (an argument for progressive taxation). They apply their double standards against you!

Liars get into elected office to make all elected offices their entitlements and become internal domestic terrorists (example: sabotaging transportation). They oppose entitlements for everyone else, but for themselves they want big entitlements (welfare) such as lifelong government jobs and salaries, government provided healthcare and other benefits, and taxpayer funded payoffs for their cronies. They provide government disservice then rig elections to stay in office. This is why the system is broken. They and their cronies are intentionally violating and breaking the system to maintain abusive control and block your voice. Liars' biggest problem: Not everyone is dishonest nor can be bribed, intimidated, scared, or terrorized.

Jobs will come from an economy based on fairness, not one based on entitlements for the top few only.

Note their election sabotage. Destroying the ballots of and denying registration to their opposition supporters. When in office, ignoring true ethics and creating false ethics and rules to keep opponents from running or voting against them. Parties splitting the votes for opposing ideologies by planting stooge candidates who claim to support the ideology of opposing parties and independents. Across America in any election, if all the party and independent ideologies have more than one candidate but one party's ideology has only one candidate, then that's a strong indication that political party is doing all the election planting, rigging, and sabotaging.

We must demand fairness! I will demand fairness as stated above in my Community Service.

I will make the fair choice, not the extreme right, extreme left, Republican, nor Democrat choice. If they disapprove, I could not care less.
Elected Experience: I thank the 7,000 plus who voted for me in 2012 despite my small campaign budget limiting my advertising to the online and paper voter guides. These voters looked at the candidates themselves and chose the candidate strongly committed to fairness despite campaign budgets. I ask the rest of the 8th District join them and me overlooking campaign budgets and choose my strong commitment to fairness in 2014.

Other Professional Experience: Proud federal employee, NOAA.

Education: Bachelor Science, Accountancy, University of Illinois.

Community Service: Proposed 2009 dtv conversion postponement (providing analog reception for analog televisions’ lifetime) and 1993 Judiciary Act for abusive courts to Congress. Baptist.

Statement: Vote to change to fairness in Congress, tell ten friends, vote for Keith Arnold.

I continue to run because more and more we continue to need the fairness that is missing in Congress. I will make decisions based on what is fair, not on the fair choice being favored by the left on some issues and the right on others, and not on what any political party says.

The unfairness in Congress makes voters want to punish incumbents by not voting but that can allow the bad incumbents to remain in office. The best way to oppose unfairness and abuse by incumbents is to vote in a candidate who continues to run for fairness. I urge you, the entire 8th District, to join my over 7,000 voters (again thanks) from 2012 this election and vote for me the candidate committed to fairness.

This Congress shutdown our government last year but kept taking their own salaries and benefits during that shutdown. This Congress supported government paying and benefiting them but not anyone else.

I’ve been told federal employees are mostly prohibited from running for Congress by a “law” called the Hatch Act. If nonCongress federal employees have to stay out of Congressional races or resign from federal employment, then federal employee Congress incumbents should be barred from running for re-election while in Congress or have to resign before running. Otherwise, it’s an outrageously unfair double standard, election rigging, makes incumbents’ offices their entitlements, and shuts down Democracy.

Unfortunately, an important part of fighting for fairness is constantly opposing and eliminating unfairness. It can be a tiresome task but the alternative of quitting and being overwhelmed by unfairness gone to the extreme and cheated out of our American Democracy is far less than what America deserves and stands for.
Elected Experience: I would appreciate the opportunity to serve the public in first elected office.

Other Professional Experience: Proud federal employee, NOAA.

Education: B. S., Accountancy, University of Illinois

Community Service: Baptist. I proposed delaying conversion to dtv in 2009 to Congress. Because to justify allowing the sale of analog televisions, there should be analog reception for the televisions' lifetimes. Proposed Judiciary Act of 1993 to Congress and the President in 1993 to neutralize then eliminate the out-of-control U. S. supreme court (and its legislating from the bench). I am a previous and current Congressional candidate because I care enough to keep fighting for America and Americans.

Statement: I will fight for fairness for the 99% plus the 1%. I want to help us all receive fairness. Always be careful of those trying to confuse or trick you.

Everyone who is law-abiding must be included in our economy and workforce and have a living wage. Our economy is great but it is not sabotage proof. A small greedy part of the 1% must not be allowed to be looters by taking advantage of do-nothing Congresses and a poorly policed (deregulated) economy and financial markets.

Fairness requires looking at each issue individually and choosing the fair option. For some issues the fair option is more appealing to the left wing and for other issues the fair option is more appealing to the right wing. It is a mystery why the left and right choose the fair choice for some issues and the unfair choice for others. Although, I believe the Democrats make the fair choice the most often and on the most important issues, I will make decisions based on what is fair not on what any political party says.

Fairness includes: government and businesses serving the people (not the reverse); quality schools; fair free global trade; clean alternative energy sources; supporting our troops and veterans economically and financially; not starting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or bank bailout; immigration law enforcement focused on abusive employers; a tax system that is progressive for higher incomes; universal healthcare; Pro-life (exceptions: rape, incest, significant health risk); UN-focused world unity.

We Americans believes in Abraham Lincoln's government of the people by the people for the people. We can't allow the greedy to continue to turn it into government of the people by the corporation for the corporation.

I would appreciate your vote and the opportunity to fight for fairness for all.
Elected Experience: 2006, 2008 Congressional candidate. Seeking first elected office.

Other Professional Experience: Proudly became a Federal Employee during the Clinton Administration. Resigned during because disgusted by Bush White House. Returned to federal employment during the Obama Adminstration as an accounting technician.

Education: Bachelor of Science, Accountancy, University of Illinois

Community Service: Proposed unpassed Judiciary Act of 1993 to Congress and the President in 1993 to neutralize the U. S. supreme court until that out-of-control court is eliminated by Constitution Article V amendment. Proposed delaying conversion to dtv in 2009 to Congress to honor implied long-term analog tv reception to analog tv buyers and sellers.

Statement: Thanks to voters, Republicanomics (which is bankrupt economics) is out of the White House and mostly out of power, for now. In the 1980’s Republicanomics gave us junk bonds and the collapse of the savings and loan industry. Clinton and the Democrats cleaned up the 1980’s Republican mess and got America financially sound again with surpluses in its future. After the 2000 Presidential “Election” Republicanomics bankrupted our country again and gave us the worst economy since (if not surpassing) the Great Depression. Time is needed for Democrats to clean up another Republican mess.

Reichert’s party of “no” has used their Audacity of Nope to block and reverse anything that benefits the middle or lower class.

I am pro-life. (Abortion should be allowed only in cases of rape, incest, or an extreme health risk to the mother. That extreme risk should be limited to life-threatening until medicine can define it better.) Passage of the healthcare bill was a big step in the right direction and should be followed by bigger steps to universal healthcare. Someone who claims to be pro-life but opposes universal healthcare to deny a child (and later adult) a healthy life, is not pro-life.

Remember Jim Vaughn claimed to be a Democrat before the 2008 Primary then supported Reichert the day after the primary. At gathereings before the primary he tried to get me to support Reichert. So be careful of other candidates who claim to be Democrats or even Independents.

The citizens of Washington State fought for our voices by fighting for the Top Two Primary. If our incumbents won’t fight for our voices, we must replace them and do so ourselves.

I ask for your vote so I can fight for fairness for America which is Congress’s purpose.
Last Occupation/Employer: Licensing Services Representative, Washington State Department of Licensing to 2008

Significant experiences: I proposed Judiciary Act of 1993 to Congress and the President in 1993 to neutralize the U. S. supreme court (and its legislating from the bench) until that court is eliminated by amendment under the Constitution's Article V. I proudly became a Federal Employee during the Clinton Administration, then later resigned disgusted by changes occurring after Bush entered the White House. 2006 Congressional candidate. 2008 President candidate (website:

Education: B.S. in Accountancy from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Family: Single. no children.

Statement: ENFORCEMENT OF DEMOCRACY, CONSTITUTION, AND LAW is necessary to preserve our physical and economic national security. A nationwide neighborhood watch by all citizens and public servants of our country must enforce our nation's security measures.

I proposed the Judiciary Act of 1993 to stop judicial barriers to this enforcement. Congress failed to pass my proposal. My Act would have stopped the surpreme court from legislating from the bench by taking away all its power which would neutralize it until it could be eliminated by Constitutional Amendent. The supreme court is another appellate court and unnecessary due to the appellate courts below it.

If my Judiciary Act in 1993 had been passed, there would have been no supreme court to give the 2000 Election to Bush. Without the surpeme court, Bush wouldn't have gotten into the White House, wouldn't have changed our nation's budget surplus into a record bankruptcy, wouldn't have sent our troops to Iraq, wouldn't spy on Americans without a warrant, nor done anything else to America and the world.

His support of Bush shows former Republican sheriff Reichert's Republican side. But where is Reichert's investigation of 9/11, the pre-Iraq War Weapons of Mass Destruction claims, the home foreclosure crisis, or any other problems during Bush's time to show Reichert has a sheriff and investigator side?

The citizens of Washington State fought for enforcement of Democracy by fighting for the Top Two Primary. That was an excellent win by and for the people of Washington. My Judiciary Act and political campaigns show I don't give up on America either. If our incumbents won't enforce our Democracy, we must replace them and do it ourselves.

I ask for your vote so I can defend America against its enemies foreign and domestic whether they're outside or inside of government.
I was proud to be a federal employee during the Clinton Era of public service. I am disgusted by the public disservice currently caused by the Bush Error. The only way to prove if a policy will succeed or fail is to try it. We tried the Reagan-Bush policies in the 1980’s. They failed then and are failing worse now. We tried Clinton’s policies in the 1990’s. They were a big success. When Clinton proposed his plan to reverse the 1980’s failures, the Republicans said it would fail and not a single Republican voted for Clinton’s budget in 1993. That budget brought the budget surplus of the 1990’s.

The Republicans couldn’t destroy the 1990’s successful plan, so they tried to destroy the planner, Clinton, and impeached him. They even put a Contract on America and tried to misrepresent it as a “Contract with America”. All these Republican tricks failed.

Now Bush has tried to get information on U.S. citizens (without showing probable cause in a warrant) which is a way for his mob to spy on and terrorize policy opponents outside and inside his party. Democracy hasn’t been accomplished in Iraq which proves it never was Bush’s true mission. He arrogantly bragged his true MISSION ACCOMPLISHED after giving big business (like Halliburton) control of contracts in Iraq which proves that was his true mission. The U.N. (with the U.S. as part but not all of it) should handle solving the problems of other countries.

The Republicans tried to take Washington’s 2004 governor’s race, but the state was still strong enough to stop them. Many Republican county auditors didn’t go along with that 2004 attempt, so it’s not all Republicans who are the problem. The problem is greedy, selfish liars who have tried to make the Republican leadership their hiding place. By doing nothing but stalling, Reichert has chosen to be part of this greedy, selfish problem.

These Republicans have exploited the broken system. Democrats fix part of it. We can’t write-in the idea of fixing the system, we need a name. We need to unite and write-in the same independent person’s name to completely fix it. With these ads I’ve shown you I understand the 1980’s (and current) policies were (and are) the problem and the 1990’s policies are the solution. This is the necessary step of giving everyone the same independent name, mine, to write-in to fix the broken system.

Now, I ask you take the next step and write-in Keith Arnold (I) for U. S. Representative for the Congressional 8th District.
We’ve seen the entire country go from the Clinton Era putting the needs of the middle and lower classes before the greedy to the Bush Error favoring the greedy and ignoring middle and lower class needs. Republicans like to distract the middle and lower classes with small tax cuts while the rich get the huge tax breaks. What we really need are jobs paying decent wages which the Republicans destroy. Many of the rich don’t want the tax breaks and cuts. However, with the wrong persons currently holding so many public offices, those rich persons can’t do anything like the rest of us.

Republicans controlling the supreme court blocked Democracy in the 2000 Election and Bush got in and turned the country around to the wrong direction of the 1980’s again. He turned the budget surplus back into record budget deficits bankrupting the country like the 1980’s again. He didn’t act on terrorism warnings ahead of time and we got the 9-11 attacks. He misled our troops into a useless war in Iraq even though Iraq had no connection to 9-11. He tried to destroy Social Security but was stopped by public opposition. He did destroy prescription drug benefits and drug prices skyrocketed for consumers. Now big business (which is favored over the rest of us by the Republicans) drastically lowers drug prices in time for the November 2006 Election. This is to help the Republicans’ low approval ratings because if it was for the people it would have been done long ago. The Republican controlled Congress is full of corruption scandals and even has a Page scandal. However, when it comes to public service, we have a Do Nothing Congress and false presidency.

We voters saw the 1990’s were a success and 1980’s a failure, so our popular vote of 2000 (True Democracy) voted for Gore and the right track of the 1990’s. The Electoral College would have agreed with the popular vote if not for flaws in Florida (which was controlled by another disastrous Bush). The broken system allowed Bush and the Republicans to block our Democracy and take that election from us. This false presidency has been one disaster after another and attacks voices of correction with unsupported accusations. The former sheriff in the 8th District office has proven to be much more of a Republican than a sheriff. He has chosen to rubber stamp the Republican problem and be a part of it and not a voice for the average citizen.

Republicans have proven to be the wrong choice. Democrats are a better choice, but to fix the broken system, independent citizens must run for public office.

As an independent citizen who has shown you I understand the 1980’s failures and 1990’s successes, I am the strongest, best, and right choice.

I need and request your write-in vote to fix the broken system and speak out for True Democracy At Last.
We need a truly independent voice with the will to speak out and make our country a True Democracy At Last. I, Keith Arnold (I), am that independent voice for True Democracy At Last.

I reside in Auburn, WA. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Accountancy. I started my federal government career during the Clinton Era and resigned during Bush’s error. From the inside and out, I saw our federal government go from treating all federal employees fairly under the Clinton Administration to Bush and the Republicans forcing us to do letter writing campaigns to get a fair raise. During this time the Republican controlled Congress never had to fight for its pay raises.

I ask you to look back at the 1980’s with me. Once you do you’ll notice what I’ve noticed. Reagan and the Republicans said they would cut funding for programs such as education and restructure and fund them with “other sources”. They cut programs that helped the middle and lower classes and cut taxes overwhelmingly for the rich. When 1990 came, I noticed they never told us what those “other sources” for funding were. Profits didn’t “trickle down”. Instead the rich got richer and the rest of us got poorer. The savings and loan industry collapsed. There was a junk bond scandal. The Republicans only seriously tried to rescue the rich from these failures. In 1990 Reagan’s 2 terms were over, so he wasn’t going to provide his “other sources”. Bush, Sr. was more of the same.

In 1992 the Voters saw the need to change directions and voted in Clinton. Clinton was such a success a budget surplus replaced the 1980’s deficits, the national debt shrank, good jobs increased, and we were on the right track and going in the right direction. However, something was missing because only independence can make our nation a true success.

I will be the independent voice with the will to take us back to the right direction and on the right track of the 1990’s and complete it.

I need and request your write-in vote to speak out for True Democracy At Last.

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