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Politically to see the glass as half empty is to focus on the unmet needs of the public and to try to find changes to meet those needs. Politically to see the glass as half full is to focus on what needs of the public have been met and to try to preserve them.

Moderation is the key to finding the right set of policies for our country. Moderation doesn't mean choosing the middle of every or any issue. For each issue we should choose the fair choice. For some issues the fair choice will just happen to be more appealing to the left and for other issues it will just happen to be more appealing to the right. Finding the fair choice will result in a set of policies some of which are left of center and others are right of center.

The true and fair left is left moderate (which is liberally moderate or left of center). Left moderate respects and preserves the policies that work while focusing on trying to correct the policies that don't work. The true and fair right is right moderate (which is conservatively moderate or right of center). Right moderate respects the need to try to correct the policies that don't work while focusing on preserving the policies that do work. Extreme left disregards what works and only wants to change everything. Extreme right disregards what doesn't work and only wants to preserve what works (mostly for them). It is wrong to be extreme right or extreme left.

The true Democrat sees the glass as half empty. That means a true Democrat wants to correct the policies that don't work so more and hopefully all Americans prosper. However, a true Democrat has almost the same desire to preserve the policies that do work because we should build on what works and not disregard it.

The true Republican sees the glass as half full. That means a true Republican wants to preserve the policies that work to preserve security. However, a true Republican has almost the same desire to correct the policies that don't work so more and hopefully all Americans prosper.

The problem with the Republican party is the extreme right has too much control over it. Too many of Republican officeholders are only extreme rightists who always say no to anything that helps someone other than their rich supporters and puppeteers. This constant opposition to seeking policies that will allow more Americans to prosper is how the extreme right has changed the Republican party into the party of "no".

Although the extreme right has much more control over the Republican leadership than the extreme left has over the Democratic party, the Democratic party must be careful to focus on fairness and helpful changes.

Either true Democrats (left moderate) or true Republicans (right moderate) would both be effective in public office because both would preserve policies that work and correct policies that don't work. Therefore, true Democrats and true Republicans would work effectively in public office without creating gridlock. However, when just one side is untrue and unreasonable (which is usually unreasonable and untrue Republicans) then we get gridlock and failure.

The only difference between the two is true Democrats see the glass as half empty so they are more concerned with helping more people. On the other hand true Republicans see the glass as half full and want to preserve what works.

Since we should always strive to be and do better it is better to be left moderate than right moderate. Right moderate will get around to helping everyone but left moderate will do it sooner.

Democracy provides the best form of government to serve the public. Democracy is actually self service government. It works because under it we all work for and with each other. We all must serve, protect, and communicate with each other. We all must be involved in our own and each others well being. When our public offices are infiltrated by domestic enemies like the current Republican leadership, concerned citizens must get involved and run for public offices themselves if necessary. That is why I am running for Congress.

In 1990 I began writing to my members of Congress while I lived in Illinois. I complained about the judiciary not following the rules and writing their own laws. I complained after I went to the federal district and appellate courts but before I went to the U.S. supreme court. Congress didn't want to get involved with the judiciary even though it's their job to supervise the judiciary. Congress has the Constitutional authority and responsibility to impeach judges for bad behavior because it is their job to supervise the judiciary. Congress told me to continue the judicial process, which meant go to the supreme court.

I went to the supreme court several times after that and each time those court jesters applied their double standards to my cases. On a case by case basis they enforced the law when it gave the results their biases wanted and ignored the law when it didn't. This is what the judiciary, especially the supreme court, has always done throughout history. Allowing a few unelected judges to write double standards and ignore laws written by the people and their elected representatives in our legislatures is an extreme violation of Democracy.

In the Summer of 1993, I started writing to Congress and the President about the out of control judiciary again. I told them the U.S. Constitution does not give the judiciary the authority to be the judicial dictatorship it had become. I told them the judiciary ruling based on their personal biases instead of legislated laws was a coup d'etat and overthrowing of our Democracy. I pointed out the supreme court is just another appellate court and is only interested in its egos. I told them of the parts of the Constitution that allowed them to neutralize and eliminate the supreme court dictatorship. I encouraged them to neutralize the out of control supreme court by writing and passing a Judiciary Act of 1993 and told them they could contact me if they needed my help. No one ever contacted me for help. A judiciary act for 1993 wasn't passed. Therefore, the supreme court dictatorship continued and continues today.

The supreme court stealing our 2000 Presidential Election and making George W. Bush the commander-in-THIEF proved their complete disregard for Democracy, the law, and justice. If they had been neutralized in 1993 or at least before the 2000 election like I requested, our Democracy wouldn't have been so blatantly violated in the 2000 Election.

The real dictators are the greedy and selfish liars who have taken over the Republican leadership. They get whatever offices (whether elected or appointed) they can by promising the public anything and everything without saying how it's going to be paid for. Of course, they never pay for anything and just cause record deficits and debts. Then they put their liars into public appointments and judgeships where they exploit the insufficient Congressinonal supervision of executive officeholders and judges.

This is all because Democracy is not enforced but is instead obstructed by corrupt Republicans. These Republicans and their stooges get a senseless and selfish pleasure out of watching the average law-abiding citizen suffer. I refuse to accept this corruption and that's why I wrote to Congress and the President about the judicial dictatorship in the 1990's. Of course, I didn't waste any time writing to the Bush mob in the stolen White House because they and the Republicans were obviously the problem. The Bush mob even spied on us illegally to identify anyone who would stand up against their lies and corruption like I have. The Republicans are attacking and fighting against law-abiding citizens and we must fight back.

In Congress, I will fight to enforce Democracy and fight against any Republican, their stooges, and anyone else who tries to block and destroy our Democracy.

The Bush terrorists went through every law-abiding American's personal information without any probable cause. This was a blatant and unjustifiable violation of the U.S. Constitution's requirement that they not only have probable cause but they must show it in a warrant. It must be remembered that these warrants are made valid by the showing of probable cause and not by a judge's claim they are valid. The judicial theft of the 2000 Presidential Election proves we can't automatically believe a judge's claim.

The Bush terrorists lied and said they didn't have time to get a warrant ahead of time and then couldn't tell a judge afterwards.Telling a judge before or afterward merely creates a record of the actions of our government officeholders (or office thieves which more accurately described the Bush terrorist mob). Even the Bush terrorists must have seen or heard something beforehand that made them decide to go through anyone's personal information. All they had to do was tell someone (who in those cases happened to be judges) what they saw or heard. The Bush terrorist claim that they didn't have time to inform a judge even 3 days after searching someone's information was a RIDICULOUS LIE. It is hard to believe that 3 days is not enough time after their search to notify Congress' assistants (which is the judiciary's true role). However if somehow that wasn't enough time, they simply could have been given more time. Common sense makes this solution obvious.

Common sense tells us the real reason the Bush terrorists didn't want to obey Congress and inform the judiciary is because they never had probable cause or a legal reason to search the overwhelming majority of the personal records they searched. Their lie about not having time was just a flimsy cover up of their constantly watching everyone to see who is trying to stand up against their Republican corruption. They wanted to find and terrorize opponents like when they exposed the identity of a CIA agent as retaliation for her husband not supporting their weapons of mass destruction lie. That exposure obviously could have gotten her killed and, therefore, was attempted murder.

The Bush terrorists and the rest of the Republican misleadership had hoped to overburden the vast majority of our country's and the world's population with problems as a diversion while they stole the country's and the world's wealth for themselves and the corrupt right wing. That is why we got the Enron ripoff, the USELESS war in Iraq, and the home lending disaster. The proof is that all these things happened even though they shouldn't have. The Enron scandal was so blatantly wrong it's leaders were criminally prosecuted and convicted. For years now we've known the Bush terrorists never had any proof of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq because (it was proven) there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The current home lending scandal is just a repeat of the 1980's Reagan-Bush savings and loan scandal. The Bush terrorists ignored warnings before 9/11. I believe they were so corrupt and selfish they intentionally let 9/11 happen so they could use it as a diversion while they mismanaged, robbed, and destroyed the nation and the world. Their fabricating a weapons of mass destruction lie to try to bait everyone into the Iraq war then switching to a phony "war on terror" to keep America's children there to exploit the sentiments of everyone proves they will sacrifice lives even the lives of Americans and its armed forces just to satisfy and cover up their greed. Because they started a USELESS war based on lies the Bush terrorists are war criminals and should be prosecuted.

The Bush mobsters are America's enemies domestic. By cheating, lying, and stealing their way into government and even the White House they have become INTERNAL (meaning inside of government) enemies domestic. By unconstitutionally spying on law-abiding Americans to identify and terrorize opponents, allowing the 9/11 terrorist attack, and intentionally MISLEADING our nation into a USELESS war in Iraq so Republican fat cats can get fatter, they have proven to be not only terrorists but INTERNAL DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. This makes them America's (and its Constitution's) worst and most dangerous enemies.

In Congress, I will fight to end these Republican terrorists' violation of our Constitution. Their attempt to remove Clinton through impeachment proves no matter how much (or little) of government they can manage to lie their way into they always try to destroy anyone who tries to help the average citizen.

In Congress, I will obey the Constitution and vigorously fight to enforce it against those who attack or plot to attack us whether those attackers have government power or just try to buy and control government and its officials.

The Bush internal domestic terrorists did nothing to follow the Constitution nor create and enforce laws that protect the law-abiding citizen. Instead they were a terrorist threat to law-abiding citizens and tried to create the deception that they were trying to protect us.

The Bush mob arrested Americans and put them in prison and claimed they were terrorists without bringing formal charges. There were no formal charges because there was no proof that they were terrorists. The Bush mob led by former PITIFUL Attorney General John Ashcroft arrested and accused citizens but had nothing to prove these accusations so they didn't prosecute them. However, the arrests were highly publicized which was a cheap
Republican publicity stunt. This stunt continued in the early Bush misAdministration until their poll numbers dropped, then this pubicity stunt itself was dropped.

The Republican and Bush terrorists tried to keep us afraid of the unknown to keep us from focusing on the KNOWN worst terrorist threat which was them. They gave regular general warnings of a nonspecific threat. There were never any details to these warnings and nothing ever happened. That's because it was all a lie to trick us into believing our Republican domestic enemies were on our side. The Republican misleadership were not and are not on America's side.

The Bush terrorist mob were such a failure their polls fell before the 2008 Election and the media started reporting negative information about them more openly rather than burying it or not covering it at all. Before then the only way to find complete coverage of Bush Republican corruption was through documentary movies like Fahrenheit 911. Of course, most of these movies didn't get to the movie theaters like Fahrenheit 911. I checked many of them out of the library. Of course, the Bush cyber-terrorists knew this because this is what they were really looking for when they illegally searched our library records which are online now like mine.

These documentaries show the faces of law-abiding citizens who hadn't even spoken out against the Bush mob before they found out their privacy had been violated. They talk about federal agents going into citizens homes during the Bush Misadministration and stealing items and letting the homeowners think they were just random burglaries. They talk about the Bush Misadministration asking businesses, phone companies, and libraries for the records of citizens claiming it's for national security. The Bush mobsters claimed they couldn't say why they wanted these records because they falsely claimed it would jeopardize national security. That was all an obvious lie. The only security the Bush terrorists were interested in was there own security in their stolen federal offices. Clinton was impeached by Republican terrorists without any evidence like these Bush record violations (or any other evidence) against him. If he had done any of this he would have been removed from office. That emphasizes that Bush should have been impeached and removed from the stolen White House.

Eight federal prosecutors actually tried to enforce the law in the Bush Misadministration. One of them was the prosecutor for the Seattle area. They dared to prosecute guilty Republican supporters and not prosecute innocent Democrats for not being Republicans. Of course, the Bush mob was not going to tolerate the enforcement of law in it's Misadministration. Those prosecutors were all removed from office. But finally, blatant Republican corruption didn't go completely unpunished. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez who was the fall guy for these firings was forced out of government. That removal from office was not enough. A Congressional investigation of this disgusting removal continued and should continue. Of course, the Bush Misadministration puppeteers who pulled Bush's strings were the real persons behind this internal terrorism of government employees trying to do their jobs properly.

George W. Bush is a lying terrorist but was still just a PUPPET. He obviously didn't have the ability to plan or lead the extreme corruption carried out by his MISADMINISTRATION. But he is still responsible for willingly being a part of that corruption.

The Republicans block the passage of laws that help and protect law-abiding citizens. They erase laws that Democrats fought to get passed to protect us from greedy wealthy Republicans like those who ruined Enron. Republicans pass laws that give huge profits to their greedy supporters and nothing to the rest of us. They lie and misrespresent anything that would benefit the average citizen as a strain on the economy or a threat to national security. Then the Republicans use lie slogans like "leave no child behind". These are just slogans that never get results because they are mere Republican lip service. The Republicans are trying to leave all of us behind and use false terrorist threats to stall and trick us out of doing anything about the real REPUBLICAN INTERNAL TERRORIST THREAT.

In Congress, I will fight to end this Republican blockade of enforcing the law. I will not only fight to bring back the Democrat sponsored laws that proved a great success in the 1990's, but I will fight to build on them and help create and enforce laws that preserve and constantly improve the protection of law-abiding citizens.

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